Consolidate Debt: Free Yourself From Debt Bondage.

Monday, July 6, 2009

debt consolidationIf you are in debt you are a slave, literally. Yes I know that slavery was abolished 150 years ago but that was just one kind—debt is another but you have the same problem and that is lack of freedom. When people become debt free (often when they consolidate debt) they can’t believe the weight that is lifted and they can’t believe how stupid they were for ever going into debt in the first place. They would gladly have the chance to do it over again and not drive that new leased car and not go on all those exotic vacations on their credit card’s tab and not eat out as much and not live in the nice part of town in the expensive apartment with the gym membership. They would put off those luxuries in order to establish themselves and then would slowly as they were actually able afford the nice things in life.
So being realistic and never going into debt in the first place is option numero uno but what if you have already made bad decisions? Is there a good way to get out? Well yes and much of it is education, how to handle money and how to find trust in the concept of delayed gratification. After all the best things in life are those that you have to work hard for and wait for because you appreciate them and you know what it is like to be without them. You also find out that life isn’t that great just because you have nice things, rather it’s the people and the relationships in life that are valuable. Anyway along with the education there are services that can help you do this thing faster. One of these services is the many consolidate debt plans that are being offered.
To consolidate debt is not only cost effective but it is convenient too. Lots of times people waste lots of money because they can’t keep track of all their bills. This service provides you with simplification as well as a savings in the cost of the money that you owe. So why would someone or some corporation want to do this for you? Well they benefit too. You see a bank can make the same amount of money lending out a little money at a high interest rate or lending out a lot of money at a lower interest rate. If you bring all your debt into one place you are bringing more money over to that lender and therefore more interest income.
So the option to consolidate debt is a good deal for everyone involved. You get your loans paid off quicker and cheaper and the lender that offers you the deal gets to make more money that they would otherwise. It is yet another perk of a financial system that encourages and thrives on competition to keep prices down and quality of product or service up. Yeah! Clap your hands for capitalism.